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About Intermark Relocation

With over 20 years of experience organizing relocations, Intermarks knows everything about the removal process to a new region or country. Use their experience and put your mind at ease during your move.

Kropotkinskiy Pereulok 7 строение 1
119034 Moscow


International removals
National moving
Pet transport


Intermark Relocation is accredited by the following associations:
Out of 1 Sirelo reviews
0% of the users recommend this moving company
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[Name removed by Sirelo] is a lazy lawyer who works at Intermark. I had an immigration question and paid 21000 rubles. [Name removed by Sirelo] returned a completely worthless evaluation that I could have gotten off the internet or off of Facebook. When I asked for a partial refund he refused. Avoid the legal department at this organization.
Moved from Moscow (Russia) to Moscow (Russia)

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